– Our games –

– Last Moon –

The Moon is falling, malicious creatures appear, the world falls in chaos! Last Moon is an Action-RPG greatly inspired by the mythical titles from the 90s! Explore a mesmerizing, vast and ruined world riddled with dangers, face tainted creatures and upgrade your abilities to bring peace back again.

Last Moon is still in devlopment and will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox and Steam (PC).

Add the game to your Steam wishlist and stay tuned about the release !

– Koloro –

Between dreams and nightmares, “Koloro” tells the tale of a young pink hair girl named Kora who embarks on a quest to find her missing sister through a stunning Puzzle-Platformer crafted by Sköll Studio.

Koloro is the studio’s first game. Available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam (PC).

– the studio –

Hey, I’m Vincent, 2D game artist and game developer in Sköll Studio.
I launched Sköll Studio with the talented sound designer and audio composer, T05, in 2016 after a fun game jam! We are a small team without pretension but full of ambition and above all, what connects us is the passion for creating games!

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